Prof. David Sinclair 新書”Lifespan: 為何會老, 衰老不是定律”

An Interview with Dr. David Sinclair by

Elena Milova and Steve Hill, September 10, 2019

Lifespan” takes the reader on a journey through history, looking at the endeavor of humans to try to live longer and using that historical perspective to look at today’s situation and project into the future. The book also takes readers on a journey through the very cutting edge of aging research and things that the reader can do right now to take advantage of these new discoveries in their daily lives with changes in their daily activity, what they eat, when they eat, but also medicines that are currently available on the market that may extend lifespan. The last chapter is about where we are headed, what are the medicines that are in development, and then when these drugs become available, what does the world look like? Is it a better place or a worse place, and how will our lives change?

Wow, that sounds like a book that I would really like to read. You look pretty amazing for being 50 years old. I’m 40, and I think you look better than me. Are you doing something to support your health, to feel better, to be more productive and to age slowly?

I’m doing an experiment right now in my body. My father, my wife, and my dogs. It’s voluntary, of course; my brother recently complained that he was being treated as the negative control in the experiment. I believed in the research and known the risks to be low, so, starting with resveratrol in 2003, I started taking that and I’m still taking it, and I’ve added to that NMN and some metformin as well. I try not to eat too much. I should exercise more. What I do, and what I’ve learned works for me, and for members of my family, is also written down in detail in my book. So, if people would like to know it, they can read it."

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